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Jorc Condensate Management or Oil-Water Separators. Sepremium, Puro,

Jorc Condensate Management or Oil-Water Separators. Sepremium, Puro,

There are many more products available from Jorc than we have listed on our web shop - please contact us for any Jorc product you need, or need parts for. Just send us an e mail from the contact us tag at the bottom of this page.

Water Industry Act

The Water Industry Act came into force in 1991 and consolidates various enactments relating to the appointment of water and sewerage undertakers, conditions of appointment, supply of water and the provision of sewerage services. The Sections of the Act which are of particular importance to industry, concern the criteria for discharging effluent into the sewerage system.

And that means condensate waste from ALL compressed air installations. So, what does that mean to you? There are really only three options when it comes to compressor condensate waste.  Take the risk, dump it on the floor or in a gully or wherever. Eventually "they" will catch you out and could fine you up to £50,000.

Have the condensate removed by a licensed waste contractor. As you generate the waste, you will need a license and for that you will need to register with The Environment Agency and get a Registration Number, and of course, pay a fee! And of course, pay the Waste Contractor!

Have the Compressed Air Condensate Waste processed with a low cost simple to install Oil . Water Separator, and have the contaminated concentrated waste removed whenever your compressor is serviced. Whoever does your servicing should have a waste carriers license, so that is another little problem solved!

We strongly recommend a suitable - a JORC - Oil Water Separator or as they are some times called, a Condensate Management System - be put in place and condensate from air compressor installations is not but onto the floor!


Jorc Condensate Drains. Fluidrain, Combo, Tec, D-Lux, Kaptiv, Nufrors,, Magy.

Jorc Condensate Drains. Fluidrain, Combo, Tec, D-Lux, Kaptiv, Nufrors,, Magy.

JORC have a wide range of auto drains, timer drains and no air loss drains suitable for all manner of compressed air applications. We only cover the more popular items in our Web Shop, so if there is a JORC product you require we can certainly supply you BUT you will have to contact us by phone or fax or e-mail to establish the current price and delivery time.

Jorc Service Packs and Jorc Replacement Bags

Jorc Service Packs and Jorc Replacement Bags

Replacement bags for the JORC range of premium Compressed Air Condensate Oil - Water Separators. Easy to DIY fit, but be aware that the replaced bags constitute 'Hazardous Waste' and must be disposed of in an appropriate way. A PRODUCERS HAZARDOUS WASTE annual license is required obtainable through The Environment Agency.

Tell us what you need and we will try and help! (Click Here) Or call us on (44) 01527 870110