This patented Extractor/Dryer is a two-stage, point-of-use compressed air filter-dryer. Designed primarily for the final usage of air, it will remove water, oil and other contaminates from compressed air lines. Developed for air driven tools, paint spraying, manufacturing equipment, or any other compressed air equipment to produce clean, dry compressed air. These advantages will pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

Standard features include:
– Differential Pressure Gauge (all models except 520’s and 195A). This allows the user to visually see the change from green to red, indicating a pressure drop of 10 PSI or greater. When this occurs, the air filter elements will need to be serviced. Service Kits are available for all models.
– The Weep Drain – Allows minimal, continuous flow of contaminated air to escape the base of the unit.
– Mounting Brackets (all models except 520’s and 195A) – Allows for easy and protective mounting of your Extractor/Dryer.

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