Mattei UNICA Compressors quietly deliver high-quality compressed air and low running costs all at a great-value purchase price. What’s more, the UNICA is designed for work – 24/7!

UNICA air compressors are available with power from 1.5kW to 3kW; and can be fitted on baseplates or with a 90 litre receiver that comes with wheels or on a 200-litre air receiver. Typical applications include vehicle body shops, all manner of industrial users, big and small carpenters, car washes, medical and pharmaceutical industries – and well just about anywhere that has a need for quality reliable compressed air.

An elongated motor shaft transmits power directly to the compressor rotors for maximum output and minimal maintenance costs. Integrated fans blow cooling, cleaning air across the oil chamber fins reducing any risk of overheating whilst the three-stage air-oil separation ensures output air is exceptionally clean.

Standard equipment includes an anti-condensate valve to help avoid low temperature sludging, a straight forward start/stop and operational pressure switches with a receiver-pressure gauge and safety valve. All UNICA compressors are fitted with auxiliary low voltage electrical circuits as well as a high temperature shut down in the event of overheating.

Available as 230 volt single phase (a 20 amp dedicated line is recommended rather than a standard UK 13 amp plug for the UNICA 1 and essential for the UNICA 2 for safe electrical connection), or a 400 volt 3 phase.

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